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The Art of Elegantly Knackered

For many years friends and family have admired my style and said that I have a definite unique look. I haven't really understood these comments as I haven't ever felt I was actively going out of my way to be different. A few years ago a friend made the observation that my style was elegantly knackered. I didn't really think anything of this little phrase at the time.

When we first moved into Starre Corner I excitedly visited the House Building and Renovation show at the NEC. I felt sure I would come away bursting with ideas and inspiration. The reality of the visit however was quite the opposite. Everything was so shiny and new. I even struggled to see whether solid wood windows were actually wood or plastic; manufacturing techniques make everything so straight and flawless these days. I could tell that I was going to have to think carefully about how we renovated Starre Corner. The last thing I wanted was for it to end up looking like a new build. The look on my husband's face when I asked he could add a bit of character when he plastered walls. Maybe this is one of the reasons he feels he's long suffering.

Moving forward a few years and trying to get to grips with Instagram I was advised to find my tribe and hang out with my tribe online. I aimlessly looked and looked for my tribe but couldn't really see where I fitted in. I am certainly not a member of the Modern Contemporary tribe or Throwaway Interiors tribe. Maybe Modern Rustic? Urban Rustic? Country Industrial? There are lots of interior accounts which I like and admire but do I belong in their gang?

I've been in a state of quandary for quite sometime. Where do I belong in the world of interior style? One thing which kept popping up in my mind was that simple phrase - elegantly knackered. If I was elegantly knackered what did that mean? How do those two little words encapsulate my style?

So, these are the 10 words which I would use to describe my elegantly knackered style; timeworn, patina, texture, utilitarian, pared back, imperfect, casual, relaxed, natural and simple. Elegantly knackered doesn't mean colourless - I love pops of colour and can't imagine a house without colour. For me colour mostly appears in accessories. If I recall back to my first ever home it was full of vibrant colour - yellow, blue, orange, green. Starre Corner doesn't lend itself to such boldness but elegantly knackered most definitely isn't bland. The word quirky didn't make it into the top 10 (mainly because I am not a fan of the word quirky or zany) but it was a contender.

As an individual I like consider how things are made, where they are made and who made them. Where possible I champion UK brands and I care deeply about my environmental imprint on the world. All of these things impact my buying decisions and style. As an atheist I can hardly believe that this following bible quote resonates with me so deeply - ' For we came into the world with nothing, and we are not able to take anything out '. When I heard it it made sense and I feel does have an impact on my style. My belongings are practical and utilitarian and I do not crave clutter or passing trends.

Last week I launched the hashtag #elegantlyknackeredinteriors on Instagram. I have come to the conclusion that my tribe need to come and find me. I know it's out there and I can't wait to meet them.

I would love you to use my hashtag. I will show you a few of my favourites every Wednesday. Who knows, over time I may have a gift or two to give away.

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Tiger Lantern
Tiger Lantern
Nov 10, 2018

Hello Louisa!

I'm really enjoying both your blog and your style. I've started following #elegantlyknackeredinteriors on Instagram; hurrah for inspiration and finding your tribe! Thank you for sharing what you do and the thoughts behind it.



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