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Navigating 2024: A Year of Practical Planning

With the dawn of January and the New Year upon us, the urge to chart a course for the months ahead is palpable. While it might not be Mark's preferred task, I find solace in penning down plans. However, 2024 presents a unique challenge for us. Having spent eight years at Starre Corner, our once-abundant renovation fund has been depleted, leading us to adopt a do-it-as-we-can-afford-it approach.

Despite the financial constraints, there's a silver lining. Starre Corner has transformed into a warm and comfortable haven over the years. The essentials are in place, and we've already achieved significant milestones. Our current focus is on completing the last pieces of the puzzle – installing an indoor shower and ensuring hot running water. Once accomplished, we'll have everything we need for a contented living space.

As we navigate this year with a pragmatic mindset, we're reminded that progress is a journey, not just a destination. Join us in facing the challenges of 2024 head-on and find inspiration in our journey by watching the accompanying YouTube video.

Here's to a year of resilience, adaptability, and the satisfaction of achieving goals, big or small. Happy New Year!

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