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Elegantly Knackered Style

About Louisa Sugden

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Hello, I'm Louisa....

In 2016 my husband and I sold most of our furniture and possessions and relocated from Northamptonshire to Norfolk with just a van and a car full (including our two daughters).  We moved to embrace a new phase of our lives. I turned my back on a successful IT project management career, not knowing where my career would take me next.

Some may call us brave others insane but we moved to a dilapidated Norfolk doer upper.  We knew we didn't have the budget to get a team of workmen in to renovate our dream home so we started doing it ourselves, learning on the job.  Thank heavens for You Tube!

Stepping off the corporate career ladder has enabled me to unleash my creative side and successfully establish a new career as an interior stylist, photographer, social media content creator and writer. Over time my passion for interiors and styling has flourished.  I have, as some may say 'found myself'.




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