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Defining my Starre Corner style

One of the biggest challenges of creating my forever home at Starre Corner has been to define my style in what feels like a definitive yet ever evolving way. In previous homes I have always know I’d be moving on before my current style grew tired but this time the pressure is on to get it right for a longer period of time. This time I want my style to naturally evolve over time with an underlying timelessness. This time I am also creating a home which will be deep set in my children’s lasting memories; I want them to think back fondly of a warm, cosy, comfortable and loving home. A home which my family want to invite their friends back to. A home which they want to return to when they’ve flown the nest. It feels like a lot of pressure but a challenge which I want to get just right.

Defining my style has been a roller coaster of design ideas; for a while I was convinced I would go for a very grown up tasteful natural and neutral tone interior with bleached faded furniture and faded vintage fabrics. Who am I kidding – this look is so incredibly beautiful in others homes but my passion for colour and boldness won’t fade like the style I was considering. This is a look I also can’t envisage working with my family either – a single colourful ruler, pencil case, headphones etc would stand out like a colourful plastic sore thumb. I feel this neutral look would make my family uncomfortable and nervous and put me personally on edge.

Other country cottage styles such as classic Cath Kidston country vintage wasn’t even a contender. For me this is too predictable and twee, despite thoroughly appreciating the interior aesthetics in other’s homes or magazines. Equally beautiful tasteful North Norfolk / Cotswold colours feel too safe and traditional. I don’t think it’s in my character or personality to play it subdued and safe.

Reflecting back on all my previous homes and interior makeovers I can see a common thread; a white neutral base with bold statement colour pops introduced through cushions, throws, pictures and accessories. As a young twenty something I spend most Saturdays mooching around Habitat looking for bold inspiration (and possibly a future husband). As I have matured I have become more aware and conscious about natural materials and this now plays an important part in my interior design style but boldness and colours still factor too. Now I have found my husband (although regrettably not in Habitat) I now have to factor in his preferences too which isn’t easy as his taste is far more conservative and far safer than mine. Let’s call this factor work in progress.

As we’re nearing the time of decorating at Starre Corner I have consolidated my thoughts and here is what you can expect to see:

- An original elegantly knackered and quite utilitarian style

- Off white walls throughout

- Natural fibres, wood and raw metal

- Pops of colour incorporating all my favourite colours – orange, indigo, hot pink, red, purple

- Lots of reclaimed, salvaged and vintage pieces with unexpected contemporary twists as a modern juxtaposition

- Original art

As I’m nearing the time to decorate I feel confident that this elegantly knackered, mildly utilitarian style is right for my family, my husband and me. I know that some of my more conservative friends may be alarmed by some of my interior choices but I feel that if they know me well they will know that this is the right style for me and that I'll carry it off in the way that I always do.

Possibly this time I have put far more thought into what I need the house to deliver for my family. After all a home is not a show home; it must be functional, manageable and most of all it’s a haven to feel comfortable in and be yourself.

* All images are mid renovation with signs of colour pops creeping in.


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