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What makes a home? Louisa’s handmade home

Part of the #myconsideredhome series

Creating a homemade home doesn’t end at DIY renovations and extension building. When I moved to Starre Corner I knew this was my forever home, or as forever as any home can be. I wanted to create a comfy relaxed home for my family to enjoy now and during future phases of their lives.

I am often asked how I make my home homely. It’s a good question and one I struggle to answer. My interiors evolve slowly with everything in my home there for a purpose or reason. Possibly one key feature of my home interiors is that many elements have been handmade by my husband or I, often with a story attached to them. Whether it’s a dining table made from reclaimed Northamptonshire floorboards, hand forged nails made at the Good Life Experience hammered into the beam to hang Christmas stockings or a hand printed Emma Brigdewater mug made by my daughter. There’s a lot of individual personality at Starre Corner.

Although not quite at the point where I am ready to add finishing touches to Starre Corner it is always nice to add personal touches where possible so when Lottie Day contacted me on Instagram and asked if I would like to attend her first ever lampshade making workshop I didn’t need asking twice. Lampshade making had taken my fancy for quite some time. I really struggle finding lampshades I like so making my own was the perfect solution. I only discovered Lottie Day recently when her ‘box of veg’ screen printed napkins popped up on my Instagram feed. Lottie is a Norfolk based textile designer, creating beautiful home-wares inspired byr country living and Norfolk country life. Lottie’s homeware designs are inspiring.

Before the workshop Lottie asked me to think about my design. I have no idea where my design idea came from but I was adamant I wanted a lampshade with the dark silhouettes of multiple crows. The darkness of crowns suits the dark faded black tones running through my elegantly knackered interior style. I have recently picked up a smoky dark blue lamp base and felt a natural shade with a simple crow design would perfectly enhance the base and add visual appeal and interest on my bedside.

Lottie’s workshop was carefully planned. The morning was set aside for lampshade designing and screen printing and after a delicious home cooked lunch the afternoon involved making the lampshade. Thanks to Lottie’s mum the group enjoyed homemade cakes too throughout the day. We were well looked after.

It was a joy to spend a whole day with other creatives. Each and every one of us had a unique design and carefully worked throughout the day to achieving successful results. Lottie skilfully guided us all throughout the day, making the process simple and pleasurable. Everyone went home thrilled and proud of their days work. I for one couldn’t have been happier.

After the workshop I was left feeling inspired and keen to try my hand at screen printing again. I've invested in an introductory screen printing kit from George Weil with the full intention of upcycling old linens into something new for Starre Corner. I’ve already transformed a couple of old plain cushion utilising the same crow template and am now lining up more cushions, tea towels, napkins etc. The opportunities appear endless.

If you fancy a fun day screen printing and lampshade making I’d really recommend Lottie Day’s workshop in Norfolk; it a fun, creative and inspirational experience.


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