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This is my Home

As part of #myconsideredbooks Book Club I have just reviewed Natalie Walton's first interiors book - This is Home. Throughout the book Natalie introduces us to beautiful homes and their home owners across the world and explores what makes their house a home. Each home owner is asked the same set of questions and strangely most answers are very similar. I decided to ask myself the same set of questions and unsurprisingly my answers are similar too:

What attracted you to your home?

Apologies if you have heard or read this before, it’s a story I often tell. I had been looking high and low, from Northumberland all the way down to the tip of Cornwall for a project. I wanted a property which had been untouched for at least 40+ years. I didn’t want a house to undo; I was looking for a house to bring back to life. My list of requirements was completely unrealistic and I doubted such a house existed but when I viewed Starre Corners all my prayers were answered. Apart form the layout not being suitable for modern day living it had a welcoming quality even in its neglected state. The previous owner had moved into a care home and although the house was damp and cold the love and warmth shone through. We have since been told that this house hosted many family parties and cooking and baking was always underway - I could feel its soul on my very first viewing.

How does your home make you feel?

Even in the midst of a full on renovation project my home makes me feel calm and happy. I spend most of my time at home. During the winter months the log burner is always on, along with flickering fragrant smelling candles . The house fells warm and welcoming at all times whether it is just me on my own or the house is full with friends and family. Despite it’s elegantly knackered appearance it’s a home which hugs you and once you're inside you don’t want to leave.

What objects hold a special meaning for you?

This is possibly the most difficult question to answer. I do not own many objects. The things I mostly treasure are the things I find and bring into the home; foraged flowers, pebbles and shells from a beach bimble or pine cones from a winter walk.

On the weekend we moved to Norfolk I found a sea urchin shell on the beach – it was such a special find and so beautiful. When it was broken by my children in an accident I cried. Objects which cannot be replaced but which hold emotional attachments definitely mean the most to me.

How do you choose which items enter into your home?

Many items come and go in our home as my husband and I are part-time antique dealers* – everything is for sale (well almost everything). All the items I select have a time worn quality with patina, texture, wear and most certainly with a story to tell. Nothing is perfect and nothing is precious. Elegantly Knackered interiors is a style I embrace at Starre Corner.

How do you edit your home and it’s collections?

I constantly move and change things at Starre Corner. Every time I do the house work objects get moved around and styled. Sometimes an object is rested in a cupboard but often it just gets moved into a different room. I’ve always been the same. There are always fresh flowers in my home - that changes the look of a room too. This is something my friends notice when the enter my home. It never feels stagnant as there is always something slightly different to see.

Obviously as an antique dealers I am continually buying and selling so that also keeps interiors evolving.

How has your style evolved over the years? What has stayed consistent?

I think my style remains pretty constant. Every time I move I procrastinate over paint colours but always come back to the same palette; off whites and charcoal. I always use of natural material such as wood, linen, metal etc and very few items are new. My style has always had a rustic industrial feel. I always accessorise with pops of colour which tend to change over the seasons.

What gets priority in your home?

Family time, eating, socialising and feeling cosy definitely take priority in my home.

When are you at happy at home?

I love both the silence of an empty home and the buzz when it's full. A good mix of both makes Starre Corner a very happy home. I have started hosting workshops and events at Starre Corner which fills the home with people, chat and vibrancy. These are great upbeat days and the house comes alive. I also enjoy the day after when the house is empty and there is nothing but the sound of me tapping away on my keyboard, Maple the dog snoring and Jazz FM floating across the airwaves.

What do you think makes a welcoming home?

A warm relaxed atmosphere with no ceremony makes a welcoming home. Filled with flowers and fragrance makes it even more homely. With the kettle always on and food in the cupboards I am always ready and open to visitors.

What’s your favourite space?

Sitting next to a well stoked log burner in the winter and relaxing in the garden on a summer evening are my two favourite places to be. In the evening there will always be a glass of red wine in my hand whatever the season.


Buy This is Home by Natalie Walton (affiliate link)

When Louisa is not on Instagram or blogging you can find her selling her antique and vintage wares along with her husband here at Sugden and Daughter


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