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March 2019 Book Club: Book Review - Natural Living Style by Selena Lake

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

In January 2019 @harpcottage and me, @louisaatstarrecorner launched a book club with a difference. Each month we carefully select an interiors/lifestyle book to read and review live on Instagram. During the live book club review we discuss the book in detail and welcome and respond to comments posted by our live audience. It has been said that it’s 'more entertaining than watching television'.

The book, ‘Natural Living Style’ by Selina Lake was selected for this month’s #myconsideredbooks book club because the subject matter is very near and dear to my heart - creating a beautiful and sustainable home which is both stylish and comfortable yet sustainable and eco friendly. It’s also a hot topic as we all strive to become more ethically aware and conscious.

This latest book, Natural Living Style written and styled by Selina Lake was released by Ryland Peters and Small this month (March 2019). It's hot off the press! Selina is a well renowned stylist, author and columnist and has written 9 books in total for the publisher Ryland Peters & Small, including Botanical Style and Garden Style. Once again in this publication Selina was joined by interiors photographer Rachel Whiting. Selina and Rachel have previously worked together on Botanical Style and Garden Style. Rachel's beautiful work can also be seen in magazine publications such as House and Gardens and Living Etc.

‘‘Experts predict that plastic will take up to 1000 years to break down and in the process will release tiny particles of plastic into streams, rivers and oceans’

There are many threats to our planet – global warming, pollution, over pollution and water scarcity – and it’s easy to feel powerless in the face of all this bad news’

As with all Selina’s books the styling and photography is beautiful. Photo after photo of natural stylish interiors and close ups of beautiful objects we all long for in our sustainable home. Selina’s introduction eases us gently into the concept of why we need to consider a more sustainable lifestyle – this is not a fad that will go away; our oceans are filling with plastic, pollutants are seeping out into our streams and rivers. Plastic is landfill is taking a 1000 years to breakdown. As we become more increasingly aware of the impact our unconsidered consumerism is having on our environment we increasingly want to reduce our own personal environmental impact.

‘we are constantly striving for what our grandparents saw as the norm – a simple, comfortable Natural Living Style’

Getting on the right path towards sustainability can be confusing. There is certainly a lot to think about. In Natural Living Style, Selina firstly methodically goes through recyclable and eco-friendly materials suitable for a Natural Living Style and then moves onto natural living style throughout different rooms within the home and garden. Throughout the books there are plenty of style tips and creative ideas to achieve your own sustainable home.

This is a wonderful inspiring book for anyone looking to start the journey of transforming their home into a stylish sustainable home. It’s a very easy read and written in a very relaxed, approachable and simple style. I must admit when I started to read it I thought that it may be a bit too basic for someone who was already someway along the path to sustainable living but I was wrong. This book highlighted lots of areas in my home which still need attention and I used to compile a list of items which I could easily introduce into my home such as bamboo cotton buds and tooth picks. I’m also interested to pursue some of the little projects which Selina has introduced me to; I’ll have to get someone to show me how to knit again as I rather fancy knitting a dishcloth. I’m definitely going to give making my own toothpaste a go to.

This is one for my reference bookshelf. It’s a handy and visually appealing book to dip in and out of when you want to take more steps towards an eco-friendly and sustainable home.

Thank you to the publishers Ryland Peters & Small for sending me this book to review.

Buy Natural Living Style by Selena Lake. First published in 2019 by Ryland Peters & Small.

This is the 9th book written by Selina Lake, published by Ryland Peters & Small. Follow this link to see all Selina Lake titles.

In April we have chosen to review a very special book - The Foraged Home by Joanna and Oliver McClellan. Not only is a beautiful book it also features @HarpCottage.

This year I made a conscious decision to read more. I am guilty of just admiring pretty pictures in beautiful books. This year is different however. There are books dotted around my home for me to enjoy:

On my coffee table:

Natalie Walton's This is Home was last month's book club book. In this book Natalie reflects on the emotions and feelings of a home rather than purely aesthetics. It is far too nice to pack away so it is still in pride of place on my coffee table.

Bedside table:

I recently purchase Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker. In this book Instagram guru Sara Tasker shares hints and tips on how to create a successful Instagram account. I have only dipped into the intro so far but it has all the makings of an excellent informative book.

Dining room:

I've started to keep a book in the back of a chapel chair in my dining room. If I find myself with a few minutes to spare I dip into a cook book. I'm always looking for inspiration. At the moment I have The Cottage Kitchen by Marte Marie Forsberg the back of the chair. This book makes me want to live in a little hut in the mountains and make cheese and cake all day. I even went out and bought cheese clothes in anticipation.

Next to the Loo:

I have two books within easy reach of the toilet, both very thoughtful birthday presents; The Almanac (a Seasonal guide to 2019) by Lia Leendertz and On Sheep, a diary of a Swedish Shepherd by Axel Linden. They are great little books to dip into when time and circumstance allows.

Join us for our next live on Instagram Interiors Book Review on Wednesday 8th May at 7pm.

If you are an author or publisher and have an interiors/lifestyle book which you feel we may like to review please contact me via Instagram - @louisaatstarrecorner


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