• Louisa at Starre Corner

Here's where the story starts.....

I think it’s time for new beginnings; a new blog. A new Insta focus.

In the past I have dabbled with blogging but then I’ve waned, thinking does anyone really care about what I think or what I am up to? But the answer is yes, some of you do care. I am often asked how my house is progressing or other questions about my life, lifestyle, likes and loves. It’s time to pick up the challenge and start blogging on a more regular basis.

Let’s set the scene, in a nutshell; I am Louisa. Married to Mark, mother or two glorious chalk and cheese daughters, owner of a Romanian rescue dog called Maple and 12 chickens.

Almost three years ago we moved our family to Norfolk. It was time for a fresh start and fresh challenge. We sold all our furniture, most of our belongings and moved to a dilapidated Norfolk do-er upper called Starre Corner on the wettest, rainiest day I can ever recall. Most friends believe we are brave, others believe we’re insane. I couldn’t possibly comment. With a long and successful career in Operations/Project Management I have many of the necessary skills required to manage a full on renovation project. What I don’t possess is the know-how. For that we rely on You Tube, Google and words of wisdom. I’d be lying if I said I was the chief do-er – Mark gets that title. I am chief decision maker, interior designer and novice gardener. Between us we are making Starre Corner the family home we’ve always dreamed of. To say the experience so far has been a massive learning curve would be an understatement.

Of course I have grand plans on a minuscule budget. Skip diving and foraging has turned into my favourite past time. Nothing makes me happier than finding something for free which can be incorporated into the next stage of the project. Thankfully my style and preference is for elegantly knackered pared back rustic interiors so I don’t feel hard done by when I don’t buy everything brand new. In fact it excites me more, finding something old. It’s a challenge but one that Mark & I thrive on. Before moving I am sure I would have told you that I enjoyed cooking, baking and domesticity. With a dilapidated lean-to kitchen and a constant layer of thick renovation dust I am not sure that it would be truthful to add those to my list of skills and likes.

When we’re not renovating, gardening, doing the school run, taking our children to drama, football, hospital (that’s a story for another time) I spend my time faffing around with interior styling and from this point forward blogging and Instagramming. Mark runs a lifestyle, garden and homewares business called Sugden and Daughters. The good thing about this is my home is always filled with vintage gorgeousness; the disadvantage is everything (well almost everything) is for sale.

So, back to this blog – what’s it all about? I’ll regularly post about renovation progress, garden aspirations, interior choices, styling and interior design. During this blog journey hopefully you’ll get a glimpse into the very normal (if a little hectic) life of a newly normal for Norfolk family. I hope you enjoy.