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Daily Decor Detail - Questions and Answers

This week I've been a guest host on @dailydecordetail's Instagram account. It's been a thrill to be part of it and getting to choose this week's winner is both daunting and an honour - there are so many fabulous homes and interiors to choose from. Throughout this post I'll show you some of my favourite #dailydecordetail entries with and hint of #elegantlyknackered.

As part of my Daily Decor Detail hosting responsibilities I was involved in a question and answer session. It's always interesting to sit down to reflect, ponder and consider probing questions. I thought you may like to see my answers to some challenging questions. I had to keep it brief on Instagram but have gone into further detail here:

Question 1: What is the history of you and your home?

Answer: My husband Mark & I searched UK wide for a house renovation project, from Northumberland down to Cornwall and everything in between. We wanted a project - something which hadn't been touched for 40+ years. Both Mark and I have done up houses in the past but nothing on a grand scale. This time we wanted a proper project to get stuck into - we wanted a house to transform into our family forever home.

When we saw Starre Corner it was love at first sight. It was built in 1701 and has had very little done to it. We've stripped it back to bare bone and are now sympathetically restoring it ourselves on a squeaky tight budget. To say that it's a labour of love is an understatement.

Beautiful simple bathroom of @wylderhome

Question 2: What 3 words would you use to sum up your design style?

Answer: I recently launched an Instagram hashtag, #elagantlyknackeredinteriors which really does sum up my style. It encapsulates all the things I love in my interiors; patina, texture, timeworn, natural and pared back. Last week's blog tells you all about The Art of Elegantly Knackered

Question 3: What are your favourite buys - the buys that show your personal style best? Your go to stores?

Image by @emma.emmeline

Answer: This is a tricky one. My husband us an antique dealer (@sugdenanddaughters) so things come and go in our house. His motto is everything is for sale. I do like iconic British Brands such as Roberts Radio (a house is not a home without family, fresh flowers and music) and Cornishware. I also like to support local, independent and fair-trade companies. I am very much a conscientious consumer.

My go to store is my local reclamation yard. On a shopping trip to Norwich I can't resist a visit around The White Company as well as a mooch along the fabulous independent interior lifestyle stores on Upper St Giles Street. My purchasing decisions are always based around need, practicality and design style.

Question 4: What are your top interior decor tips?

Answer: I think my top tip is to stay focused on your own style and don't be seduced by passing throwaway trends.

Staying focused is something I can struggle with. It's very easy to feel like a child in a sweet shop in a beautiful shop or online. These days I rarely buy on impulse and like to make considered decisions. I can drive me insane at times; I can pontificate for weeks, even months.

Beautiful calm and simple style of @hunt_the_pearl

Question 5: What have you learned through your interior journey?

Answer: Dare to be different! It's taken me a long time to have faith and confidence in my own style. I'm not sure if my design style fits into a specific category but I'm fine with that. I've never been a follower of trends or fashions and I think that is reflected in my elegantly knackered style.

Question 6: What is still to come? What pieces are your listing after? Your next project?

Answer: There's still a lot to do to Starre Corner. Next up is creating an upstairs bathroom and decommissioning the current damp and mouldy lean-to bathroom. I cannot wait! Next year we're starting to build a kitchen extension too which is even more exciting. If I tell you I currently have fungi growing on my kitchen wall you'll understand why.

My list of things I'm listing over is quite long. I sold most of my furniture and belongings before moving to Starre Corner and are managing with auction finds until the house is fully renovated. Top of my list is a new bed with a very comfortable mattress and a sofa. When I finally get a new bed I think I might stay in it for a whole week but I need a master bedroom building first.

Lovely rustic style of @burlaprosesrevivals


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