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Can interior styling be amicably inclusive?

Who else has a partner who enjoys interior design and interior styling input?

How many times have friends told you that their partners don’t get a say when it’s comes to interior decisions?

I’m married to a modern man who likes to interior input (but doesn’t always want to put in the groundwork.

Paint, paint colour charts, colour chart, farrow and ball, little greene, Mylands
Colour Paint Charts at the ready!

Hubby and I met in 2001 and I should have spotted the warning signs; yellow walls with blue woodwork and a laundry basket with a massive frilly bow on the front (legacy item from a previous girlfriend apparently). It’s fair to say that our interior styles rarely align but it’s important to me that we create a home together. Admittedly I do occasionally wish that after 19 years he’d have faith in my interior styling abilities. He may tell me he is happy to let me have free rein but from experience I know this is not the case. What’s also interesting is that despite spending hours conversing about our interior aspirations when we’re in a shop making a buying decision he’s known to goes completely off plan. The frustration is real. Fortunately, we do align in many good things and he often reminds me - we’re normally on the same page even if we don’t always speak the same language.

So, how do you achieve interior sign off when there is another person involved? It’s fair to say that hubby and I have skirted around the issue for year and I’ve never achieved 100% interior satisfaction in any of our previous homes together. This time it’s so much more important as this is our forever home (or as forever as any forever home can be).

Interior Styling, Interior Design, Styling, Interiors, Mood Board
Playing around with the cinema room mood board - hubby loves this one although it's not signed off yet

I have never created mood boards before or worked on room layouts, in preference for a more organic approach. It’s taken me all this time to appreciate that to achieve a natural organic home it’s all in the planning. This time WE both will be entirely happy. Each room now will have its own mood board and colour plan with just a little scope for curve balls and unexpected additions. This time there will be no more disappointments or surprises.

This mood board was a practice board and not for Starre Corner

Now I’ve started mood boarding there’s not stopping me. I’m finding it incredibly addictive. The greatest reward is hearing my husband's enthusiasm and interest when I talk through my interior mood board ideas.

I’d love to hear with how you work with your partner on interior projects? Do you have free rein or is the more of a consultative approach? The most important question though us does it work for you?


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