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A Life Less Ordinary - Brighton and Hove

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

My friend and I share a passion for interiors and when she suggested a weekend in to Brighton to celebrate her special birthday there was really only one option of where to stay; an Airbnb in Hove hosted by Zoe & Fabio described as an Eco friendly organic and natural environment for a stay less ordinary. Zoe is one half of Brighton's naturally beautiful home store, i gigi and author of one of my favourite interior books, A Life Less Ordinary.

As I approached the apartment down a leafy Victorian Avenue in Hove I had a great feeling about this place. As I entered the apartment I was not disappointment. The first thing I notice was the beautiful pared back style and the overwhelming feeling of calm. As I walked from room to room there was a common theme running throughout; a natural calming interior with pale bleached furniture and natural textures of wood, hemp, linen with time-worn leather accessories, pebbles, shells, straw hats etc. It had the ultimate alternative seaside home appeal.

When I was younger I thought neutral interiors were the dullest of the dull. I think I visited too many of my friend's parent's bland middle England homes with magnolia walls, beige carpets and bland curtains. Indeed when I bought my first home it was decorated in bright vivid colours in definite defiance to the bland interiors of my parent's era. I prided myself for being a snappy interior rebel.

My style and taste has moved on since my early 20's and although I still love pops of colour I am drawn to what I would describe as naturally neutral interiors as apposed to neutral tones. Bland and naturally neutral may sound the same but as Zoe so skilfully demonstrates in her beautiful apartment, there is a subtle difference.

Zoe's natural style flows effortlessly throughout the apartment. Each surface is carefully considered in it's own right from textured chalk paint walls to heavy coarse linen bed throws and bleached wood kitchen work surfaces. It's this attention to detail which transforms this apartment from potentially bland to stunningly natural. The overall effect is calming and cosy and we gladly chose a night in snuggled under pure wool blankets, eating cheese and biscuit served on a wooden platter, watching a film on a projector (one of the few mod cons). The experience epitomised simple pleasures.

On returning home I flicked through Zoe’s book and reflected on some of the subtle touches which made the apartment feel so special. Although I don’t feel Starre Corner will be a colourless home I do know it will be filled with texture and natural elements; natural material which make you feel calm and grounded, relaxed and comfortable.

If you haven’t already got Zoe’s book I strongly recommend it. It’s a visual feast of intrigue and texture – A Life Less Ordinary by Zoe Ellison and Alex Legendre

I'd really recommend a stay at Zoe and Fabio's Airbnb, especially if you are looking for a calm and relaxing weekend. There are cafe's and lifestyle shops within a minutes walk of the apartment and a wonderful artisan bakery selling freshly made produce less than a minutes walk away. Of course i gigi homestore is also only a short walk away. Click this link to look at the accommodation

To buy Zoe's books follow the links below:

When Louisa's not on Instagram or blogging she can be found selling here wares along with her husband Mark here at Sugden and Daughters


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